Understanding Digital Conversations

About us


We are a DeepTech that applies artificial intelligence and data analytics to help businesses and organisations process and manage digital conversations.

We have provided value to businesses in need of improved visibility over their social commerce processes and digital marketing campaigns.

We are passionate about the potential of AI and data science to transform the world, we contribute on a pro-bono basis to analytical projects sponsored by non-profit organisations.

We are on a mission to help train next generations of data scientists.  We do so by partnering with universities to develop innovative learning services supported by AI and analytics


We help organisations make sense of digital conversations on social media and emerging digital spaces (e.g. metaverses).

We apply state-of-the art artificial intelligence to organise and retrieve digital information.

We have partnered with several universities and non-profit organisations to provide affordable data science training services.

We provide learning analytics services to universities in need of fine-grained insights on students’ learning journeys


Sherlock: an AI-powered engine to profile harmful digital conversations.

Picasso: an AI-powered social listening service.

Eve: a neural-search engine to index and retrieve digital information.

Lovelace: a M365-based online learning platform.

Turing: a solution to provide fine-grained analytics on students’ learning journeys

Case studies

We have delivered value to multinationals such as Centrica, Google as well as public institutions such as University College London, the spanish national cybersecurity institute and the United Nations.



Digital Media Listening

We help our clients to understand and process digital conversations taking place on digital media, social media included, helping them to evolve their digital marketing strategies and optimise their spending on digital marketing or take preemptive actions to mitigate disinformation campaigns.


We customise advanced, AI-powered, search services that allow companies to organise and retrieve information using neural search techniques. By way of Eve, CyberBlue’s neural search engine, we have delivered value to companies and public institutions such as UCL or the United Nations.

Data Science Training

We are committed to help training the next generation of data scientists. We have developed Lovelace, a Microsoft 365 based learning platform, and partnered with several universities to provide affordable training on data science and artificial intelligence.

Learning Analytics

We help universities to better understand how students learn online through the combination of analytics and artificial intelligence. We have developed Turing, a Microsoft365 compatible service, enabling fine-grained analysis of students’ learning journeys.




Picasso is our social media listening engine. It relies on artificial intelligence to process digital conversations and extract relevant insights such as emotional intent, entities. It also finds who is driving conversations and patterns of amplification.

Picasso is being used at the moment to monitor disinformation campaigns as well as to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns of several companies.


Eve is our neural-search engine. It relies on deep learning techniques to index and retrieve multimodal information (e.g. images, text).

Eve has been used to index financial information for University College London. It is being used at the moment in several early stage projects for the United Nations.


Sherlock is our digital media listening service. It scouts the internet to monitor disinformation campaigns across digital channels (digital news, social media, digital communities, internet) providing early warning systems for companies and public administrations.


Lovelace is our, Microsoft 365 based, learning platform supporting our mission to help train next generations of data scientists.

Lovelace is being used by some universities to deliver affordable education on data science and artificial intelligence.