Understanding digital conversations

Delivering student-centred learning experiences during COVID-19 pandemic

  • CUSTOMER: UK University (Russell Group). Graduate programme on business analytics.
  • INDUSTRY: Higher Education
  • SERVICES: Deployment of Learning Platform
  • TECHNOLOGY: M365, Blues Learning Plaform

My heartfelt appreciation for your contribution to my life and career. All the times spent in your class and all the things you taught me helped set a clear direction for me to follow.

Y.B., graduate student Business Analytics programme, 2021 Cohort


Delivering student-centered learning experiences.

Today’s higher education students are more diverse and digitally minded than ever before, representing an increasing variety of backgrounds, abilities, races, ages, and income levels. They are used to digital engagement in other areas of their lives—entertainment, retail, and social media—and expect the same from education. A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit  finds that “the Generation Z student population is the most dynamic, with the highest tech expectations.” Students’ digital profiles follow them wherever they go, learning their preferences and behaviours to offer more customised products, experiences, and recommendations1.

Personalised learning experiences are particularly relevant at a time when the abrupt shift to remote learning has taken a heavy toll on student engagement and academic preparedness. Despite instructors’ heroic efforts to rapidly translate the classroom experience online, an Economist Intelligence Unit found that 60% of faculty have witnessed a drop in engagement and student focus since the beginning of the pandemic. 60% of students do not feel academically prepared for the year ahead, and nearly half of students are extremely concerned about their job prospects post-graduation.

1. Flattening the Multimodal Learning Curve: A Faculty Playbook | Economist Intelligence Unit (2020)


Thanks to BLUES, our Microsoft 365 based learning platform, we were able to overcome COVID-19 and continue delivering on-going education to hundreds of graduate students at a Russell group University in the UK.

Blues leverages from Microsoft’s digital capabilities to provide a unified and consistent learning experience with minimal technical complexity.

Optimal learning journeys

Lessons Learned

People, process and technology

Transitioning to a student-centred learning experience requires, like any other digital transformation initiatives, a combination of people, process and technology.

The existing fragmented approach to the provisioning of IT services as practices in higher education will not scale. There is a need to embrace best practices from software and digital industries (e.g. cloud, devops) to effectively deliver personalised learning experiences.