Picasso is our AI-powered Social Media Listening engine.

It is able to process thousands of conversations on social media and other digital channels on a daily basis, displaying the results in near real time using web interfaces or Microsoft 365 channels (e.g Teams, PowerBI)

Social Media Listening is a big data problem

Listening and acting upon social media conversations is a complex problem due to: (1) the vast volume of conversations taking place on a daily basis, (2) large variety of users and topics being discussed and (3) the need to act in near real time.

We rely on AI and Big Data processing tecniques

We rely on artificial intelligence and big data processing techniques to capture, process, store and visualize conversations taking place on social media and other digital channels.

Engine Performance

We designed Picasso following best practices in data storage and processing to achieve outstanding levels of performance. Our engine is able to process millions of conversations on a daily basis.

By relying on open source components we are able to fine tune and customize specific customer requirements (e.g. new classification task) in a matter of hours not weeks.

Picasso delivers insights via web-based interfaces or via M365-based ones (e.g. PowerBI, Teams)


With the help of Picasso, our social media listening service, We have delivered value to companies such as Agranda, INCIBE, United Nations and Zoetis, refer to the case studies section